DBA, Office Number, Agent Name, and Agent Photo - Black and White - 30" x 24"

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What’s included

● Double-Sided Printing
● High Quality Full Color
Digital Printing
● Same day quality assurance
design review
● Stake, Frames & Accessories
are optional add-ons
● 1-3 day priority print turn time

Product Materials

● Corrugated Plastic
● Aluminum (.040)
● Reflective Aluminum (.040)
● Aluminum (.63)
● Aluminum Composite

Additional Options

● Frame Holes
● Hanging Grommets
● Stepper Stake Holes
● T-Bar Stake Holes
● Protective Coating (Recommended)




Corrugated Plastic Aluminum Aluminum 063

Corrugated Plastic

Lightweight, weatherproof material

● Commonly used for
directional and open house
● Best used with ground

Aluminum .040

Industry standard, durable all-purpose material

● Rounded corners for safety
● Will not rust
● Best used in frames or
hanging from a post or
sidewalk A-frame

Aluminum .063

Thicker, heavier duty premium aluminum

● Rounded corners for safety
● Will not rust
● Best used in frames or
hanging from a post

PVC Aluminum Reflective 040 Aluminum Composite


Economic alternative to

● Weatherproof hard plastic
rigid material
● Can be used in frames or
hanging from a post or
sidewalk A-frame

Reflective Aluminum .040

All the benefits of Aluminum
+ eye-catching visibility

● Best for high traffic areas,
including at night
● Reflective surface serves
as a sign protectant
● Best used in frames or
hanging from a post 

Aluminum Composite

Lightweight yet most
durable, thickest material

● Excellent for hard climate
● Will not rust
● Best used in frames or
hanging from a post




 Stepper Stake Holes  T-Bar Stake Holes  Protective Glossy Coating

Stepper Stake Holes

● Fits stepper and bandit
● 2 holes, centered, 1/2" from
top and bottom

T-Bar Stake Holes

● Fits T-Bar stakes only
● 2 holes on top, 14.5"
on center
● hole on bottom, 1/2" from

Protective Coating

● Anti-Scratch Coating that
extends the life of the sign
● Adds a glossy finish,
making colors more vibrant
● Excellent to counter hard

 Frame Holes  Hanging Grommets  

Frame Holes

● Recommended for all
signs used with frames
● Increases security of sign
inside frame and avoids
rattling or slippage due to
heavy winds
● Holes will be positioned to
fit the matching frame
● (Sign-to-frame hardware
sold separately)

Hanging Grommets

● Must-have for signs
hanging from a post or
sidewalk A-frame
● Heavy duty grommets
protect the sign when
● Grommets on top for
hanging from a post
● Grommets on bottom to
hang riders from


Hole Placement
● 18"w: 4 holes, 2 top and
2 bottom 14.5" on center

● 24"-30"w: 8 holes, 4 top
and 4 bottom 14.5" and
17"w on center

● 36"w: 4 holes, 2 top and
2 bottom, 19" on center

Hole Placement
● 18"-24"w: grommets
16" on center top and bottom

● 30"w: grommets 19" on center top,
14.5" and 16" on bottom

● 36"w: grommets 32" on center
top and bottom

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